We think we have some darned creative minds behind some of the area’s best beer and wine. So when they combine forces, watch out! Learn how these producers are teaming up to craft unique, innovative products that bring out the best of both partners. With innovative recipes and combinations, these partnerships are brewing something special.  

Mindscape Fermentations recently collaborated with Boring Rose Brewing on a delicious sour, Superbloom, brewed with pineapple and purple pea flower for a fun tropical experience. 

Lone Buffalo Vineyards and Ponderosa Cider Company teamed up to produce Pomme Rose, a cider’s take on a rosé. Made from local apples and LBV’s barbera grapes, the result is a slightly sweet and delectable cider perfect for warmer weather…a rosé that’s a cider for every occasion! 

The Monk’s Cellar worked with Mindscape Fermentations on “Call Me Dragon,” a special seltzer made with dragon fruit and white guava. A playful nod to the movie “Stepbrothers,” it’s a refreshing twist on seltzer and changes colors in the sun! 

Wise Villa Winery fermented and aged the red wine base in French oak for two years, then California Distilled Spirits distilled into brandy and aged it for an additional two years before bottling. The result? Arm & Yak, a creme brulee-esque take on Armagnac.