If you’re looking for something refreshingly different, let’s talk about sour beers. These tangy brews are gaining popularity, and for good reason. Unlike your typical beer, sour beers undergo wild fermentation, often with the help of wild yeasts and bacteria. This process gives them that distinctive tart, fruity, and sometimes funky flavor. 

Sour beers can range from mildly tangy to puckeringly sour, offering a unique taste adventure. Whether you’re a seasoned beer lover or just curious, give sour beers a try. They’re perfect for summer sipping and pair wonderfully with a variety of foods. 

Check out some of our current favorites: 

Shred Beer Company’s Passion Blast 

Moonraker Brewing’s Peach Pie of the Beholder 

Crooked Lane Brewing’s Luke’s Severed Hand 

Track 7 Brewing’s Rhymes With Orange 

Urban Root’s Blend-in Fruited Sour