With so many inventive and groundbreaking breweries in the Sacramento region, it’s easy to assume that brewing beer is a complex craft. Sure, it takes ingenuity and know-how. And we love the different flavor combinations using fruit, cocoa nibs, spices and herbs that bring out the best of the season. But when we get right down to it, beer – all beer – comes down to just four basic ingredients:

WaterRoughly 90-95% of beer is water, carrying flavors of its own and playing an essential role in the chemistry of brewing.

Grain – In whatever form – wheat, rye, barley – grain brings sweetness and body and has the most effect on the color, smell, taste and head of the beer.

Hops – With hundreds of varieties, hops affect the bitterness and aroma and add that zesty kick and balance.

Yeast – Yeast turns sugar into alcohol, carbonation, and other compounds that give a beer its particular flavor. 

Together, they create a symphony of taste and a brew for every palate, from light and refreshing lagers to tangy sours, bitter IPAs and bold stouts.  With countless styles to explore, beer is like a liquid adventure waiting to be tasted.

Beer in all its forms is a simple celebration of flavor, culture, and craftsmanship. Cheers to that!