Experience the beauty of nature in full bloom! This time of year is when we’re exploring scenic trails lined with colorful blossoms, learning about the local flora and along the way. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a nature enthusiast, these adventures are sure to delight your senses!



Those vibrant bursts of orange are like sunshine on a stem! Spot them on sunny hillsides or along roadsides, even adding a pop of color to your neighborhood. It’s nature’s way of saying, “Hello, California!” 

When: mid-February to mid-May 

Where: Windy Point Trail – Colfax



Butterfly” in Spanish — a fitting name for these colorful flowers that thrive in harsh environments despite their delicate appearance. Out of the 67 different species of mariposa lilies in the world, 45 of them are found in California. 

When: late April to June  

Where: Cottonwood Creek Trail – Sierraville



When we hear lupine, we think Folsom Lake. In 2021, lupine absolutely blanketed the entire area and our rainy start to 2024 might promise something similar this year. 

When: April 

Where: Doton’s Cove Trail – Granite Bay




Not into hiking? Check out these family farms: 

Horton Iris Garden – Loomis 

A hobby that quickly got out of hand! 1300 varieties of irises, seasonal u-pick garden, pumpkin patach and gift shop

Martha’s Gardens – Newcastle 

A quaint multi-generational family farm for picnics, tours, veggies and flowers.